Joshua's Cowboy Party

Joshua's Cowboy Party

Our eldest son, Joshua turned nine years old and he wanted to celebrate with a cowboy party! I was quite thrilled with this idea because it’s such a fun theme that even our youngest daughter could enjoy because she is a huge fan of the cowboy TV show, Sherrif Calley. It’s also a great idea to have a cowboy party before Joshua outgrows playing cowboys and crooks! I can hardly believe that my son is nine already!

I didn’t have any party budget to speak of this party was mostly DIY. My children are not fussed about elaborate parties because all they really want is a chance to get spoiled and to spend an afternoon having a huge play date with all their friends!


I love getting them involved in the party prep beforehand as this is such a bonding time for our family and it makes the birthday child feel special to see everyone pitching in.

My ah-ha moment

The highlight of my day was the morning before our guests arrived. I had one of my “mom moments” looking around the party room at how each one of the four of us were busy with our own tasks getting everything ready. I am so proud of my family. Even little Alexandra was busy at the food table folding the cutlery in napkins and filling chip bowls. Even my husband admitted afterwards that it was fun with everyone being involved and helping out to create this special day of celebration for Joshua!

Alexandra helping at the food table

Alexandra helping at the food table

Joshua blowing up balloons

Joshua blowing up balloons

Cowboy Party Invitations

I found a nice little cowboy invitation here that I edited in Microsoft Word. I printed them all on my home printer and then pasted it on red card stock to give it a pop of colour. Lastly, I had a meter of twine in my craft supply which I used to tie around the scroll. It came out great and Josh enjoyed handing them out to his friends at school.

Cowboy party invitations

Cowboy party invitations

Cowboy Food

I’m not a fan of serving loads of sugary snacks, not even at birthday parties so we got a bit creative and brainstormed ideas for cowboy food.

The party started at midday so a lunch table made sense. We served the cowboys and cowgirls some good old fashioned slightly curried baked beans (my husband makes this really well), fried sausages and mini pancakes in the aluminium trays I use for baking and freezing. This actually worked out perfectly as serving dishes because they were disposable and because cowboys ate out of aluminium plates anyway!

Cowboy food


I also made some other snacks (a little bit of sugar didn’t hurt) like bowls of chips, donuts (Joshua’s favorite treat) and various colours of jelly that I had set inside orange peels! This was a huge hit with the kids!

Jelly set in orange peels

Jelly set in orange peels


Party Decor

We hung bunches of blown up blue balloons (Joshua’s favorite color) all around our party room and some red bunting. The kids thought my DIY cactus centerpiece was hilarious! You kept hearing “Is that a PICKLE??” in disbelief! This was another project that we all helped with on the evening before the party. It doesn’t really look like the ones on Pinterest but we all enjoyed making it!

DIY Cactus

Party Favors

To cut down on cost and sugar, I didn’t do any party packs this time. Instead I bought a selection of rifles and pistols for the party for them to play with as my kids don’t really have any guns. I also had a selection of various adhesive mustaches that each had their own title like “The Casanova“, “The Rogue“, “The Scoundrel“, etc. so the kids had fun choosing their own.

I also asked the guests to bring any hats or rifles they had at home and made sure they each got a gold or silver sheriff’s badge.






Alexandra had the cutest set of pink pistols and a pink sheriff’s badge. She kept telling me to put my hands up and then shooting me anyway. I’d have to faint to the ground erry’time!


Cowboys & Crooks

I worried about the entertainment for the party because I had planned a game of “Snakes in my Boots” but had trouble finding any bags of rubber snakes which was very strange as I usually see them everywhere. Go figure!

Fortunately the kids were not fussed, Joshua organized a game of cowboys and crooks which pretty much lasted for the whole afternoon. I love the fact that at this age they pretty much entertain themselves! Alexandra had two of her classmates there and the three girls did what little girls do. They pushed around a wagon filled with teddies and books and everytime I saw them they were covered in glitter.

The boys ran around playing cowboys and crooks, played basketball and even kicked around a soccer ball. We are very blessed to live in THE most amazing complex (all our visitors have said it looks like a holiday resort – not bragging!) so they had free reign and plenty of space to run around.

All in all, an amazing day was had by all as we celebrating big in true cowboy style. Yeehaa!

Photos: Eloise Petersen – THANK YOU!

Thank you to everyone for the amazing gifts and for spending the day with us!










Joshua's cowboy party



Me and Eloise

The lovely Eloise who is responsible for most of these gorgeous photos