Kids Emporium Bloggers Breakfast

This past Saturday I joined some of my favorite Cape Town parenting bloggers at the first ever Kids Emporium Bloggers Breakfast. I had been anticipating this event for weeks and the experience was every bit as decadent as I’d anticipated!


Kids Emporium Bloggers Breakfast

Kids Emporium was founded by the phenomenal Lauren De Swardt, who personally greeted and welcomed each blogger as we arrived at the conference venue in Constantia.

I was very excited to be there as I am a huge fan of the Kids Emporium brand and I was also looking forward to meeting a lot of the Cape-Town mom-bloggers who’s blog posts get me through each week. It is also a pleasure to finally meet in person many online blogger friends whom I usually only interact with on social media.

Kids Emporium Bloggers Breakfast

Kids Emporium Bloggers Breakfast

An unexpected surprise was being seated next to (and therefore able to have a good mommy chat) with the guest speaker, Elana Afrika-Bredenkamp, who is also a mom and every bit as fabulous in person as she appears in the media!

Kids Emporium Bloggers Breakfast

With Maz from Caffeine & Fairydust, Elana Afrika-Bredenkamp , Lauren De Swardt (Founder of Kids Emporium) and Kate from Mamma’s Meeting Place

Breakfast is served

We started off with a bit of fun which had us all running around the room searching for our perfect match. Mine was Sarah from The Mommy City who also turned out to be my other seating partner. Sarah and I were able to discuss in great detail over breakfast all the pros and cons of me having a third child!

Me with Sarah from The Mommy City

Sarah from The Mommy City and me

The rest of the morning went by in a blur. We had a fabulous time feasting on a delicious breakfast spread and listening in rapt attention to Lauren’s fascinating story about how she founded her brand, Kids Emporium.

“..a nationwide chain of children’s boutiques where innovation meets quality, all under one roof. Kids Emporium strives to stock the latest ranges across all departments namely Maternity Wear, Essentials, Childrenswear, Travel Systems, Furniture, Décor, Toys and Gifts.”

Lauren is a real “peoples person“. She is down to earth and absolutely passionate about all things related to parenting.

She explained what a unique experience it is to shop at any Kids Emporium store.  Not only are you getting the very best quality products but you can also tap into the wealth of knowledge and expertise of the store owners to help you choose only the best products for your parenting journey.

You couldn’t help but feel inspired by her story of an entrepreneurial twenty-two year old recognizing a gap in the market for quality and beautiful baby essentials, going on to build an empire that currently comprises of 19 stores nationwide and an upcoming international Kids Emporium store opening very shortly in the UK!

Kids Emporium Bloggers Breakfast

As the coffee flowed around us we enjoyed the relaxing atmosphere and thoroughly enjoyed the very motivational and highly entertaining talk by Elana Afrika-Bredenkamp who delivered a powerful message and reminded us that:

“We are not trying. We are doing.”

The spoils

Each blogger went home with an armful of gifts that were thoughtfully selected with each of our children in mind. Joshua has not yet taken off his cool big boy designer shades and Alexandra was absolutely thrilled with her sparkly gift set with which she was able to decorate her own mirror and jewelry box for her room.

The Yellow Plate: A new family tradition

The Yellow PlateAmong other goodies we also each took home a Yellow Plate for special occasions. This was the gift I was most excited about!

THE.YELLOW.PLATE  is  a  beloved  family  tradition  where  a  member  of  the  family  (adults included)  can  eat  off  the  plate  when  they  have  achieved  something  that  they  have  been working  towards    or  simply  a  celebration  like  your  birthday  or  a  project  completed.  Each family decides their own traditions (or “rules”) for the plate.

Kids Emporium Bloggers Breakfast

An unexpected surprize

I was lucky enough to be the recipient/lucky winner of a bottle of Elana’s gold medal, Michelangelo Award-winning wine! As Maz so aptly stated, I fully intended to leave there, go home and “pour myself a bottle“!

I absolutely adore the pretty bottle and packaging!



So many bloggers, too little time…

I wish I had a chance to get all the bloggers on camera but there was so much socializing going on that I’d quite forgotten to take pics until the last minute! A pity I couldn’t snap a pic with Mandy-Lee Miller (Pregnant in Cape Town & Ever After and Tums 2 Tots Online) before she ran off to her sick baby! Next time!


With Lauren (Founder of Kids Emporium)  and Sarah from The Mommy City

Kids Emporium Bloggers Breakfast

A bevy of bloggers: With Radhia from Treat me Sweetlie, Charlotte from The Stiletto Mum, Lindsay from Love Made Me and Tracey from The Milk Memoirs

Kids Emporium Bloggers Breakfast

With Kathryn from Becoming You and Kate from Mamma’s Meeting Place

Kids Emporium Bloggers Breakfast

With Elana Afrika-Bredenkamp  and Justine, Owner of Kids Emporium Fourways

With Celeste from Being Me

With Celeste from Being Me

I had a fabulous time and appreciated every effort made by our gracious hosts. Wishing Kids Emporium every success and we are all looking forward to the next Kids Emporium Bloggers Breakast!