Libero Comfort nappies

A few weeks ago we received a special delivery of Libero Comfort nappies and Hi Baby products to review. Being on lockdown with three kids has pushed all my regular work on the slow burner and it seems I’ve been writing this review for ages but here it finally is! I hope I do this review justice because honestly, this has got to be one of my top finds during this lockdown period!

Our delivery consisted of Libero comfort nappies as well as the Hi Baby Daily Barrier Cream and Wet Wipes. All of which are available to order straight from the Exigocare website for home delivery.

Libero Comfort Nappies

Libero Comfort nappies (Made in Sweden)

Libero Comfort nappies are made in Sweden and have only recently been introduced to the South African market. It’s not available yet in stores but can be ordered from the Exicore website and is conveniently delivered to your door.

Premium quality nappies, affordable and conveniently available in bulk orders – a mother’s lockdown dream come true!

First impressions

When I opened the pack my first impressions was how charming the little fox designs are on the outside of the nappy and I also noticed that it’s very thin. I worried that it might not hold and will leak but this was completely dispelled from the first use!

The nappy is thin for a natural, comfortable fit but it is very reliable and has not yet leaked no matter how long we kept it on! A few other features that impressed me:

Soft and comfortable fit

  • Soft and comfortable against the skin
  • Gentle, breathable materials
  • Caring for the skin by keeping it soft and dry

Fit and movement

  • Wonderfully elastic waistband
  • Elastic materials in both the side panels and in the back for a comfortable protection
  • Free to move as much as possible

I loved that this nappie caused no lines or redness on her skin around the thighs or waist. At 18 months, Cassandra climbs, crawls and runs around all day so it has been wonderful to see her so unrestricted. When secured, the side panels fit on her waist properly and high enough that her legs have complete flexibility around her thigh area.

Gentle on baby’s sensitive skin

  • This product is recommended by Asthma Allergy Nordics as suitable for babies with sensitive skin
  • Dermatologically tested to be as natural and gentle as possible
  • Lotion free

My kids are prone to excema and this has been so gentle on her skin. We’ve had no nappy rash or redness at all. Just pure, soft baby dimpled skin!

Leakage Protection

  • Soft double leakage barriers for a comfortable protection
  • A core that is both super-reliable for leakage security – as well as thin and comfortable
  • Providing a reliable protection at all times

I found this claim to be 100% true and tested it for up to a 12hr sleep! This nappy works great for night time wear.

Libero Comfort Nappies

Cute little fox illustrations decorate the exterior


I also found that one pack of Libero Comfort lasted twice as long than with other brands. Not only because we are having to change her less times during the day (due to how long she can wear it) but also because there is almost double the amount in a pack.

We are using a size 5 and this pack contains 80 nappies! That’s very good value for money if you compare it to any other store-bought brand. For the same size we’d usually get 40-64 nappie. This means that our large family budget can stretch that much further without compromising on quality!

Hi Baby Wet wipes

Hi Baby wet wipes are soap and alcohol free and are dematologically tested. It did exactly as promised to wipe her bum without irritating her delicate skin. At R23 for a pack of 72, I was suitable impressed with it’s affordability and the premium quality.

Hi Baby Daily Barrier Cream

A good barrier cream is important for the prevention and treatment of nappy rash. However, all three my kids reacted differently.

Ingredients: Calamine, Zinc Oxide, Pyrilamine Maleate, Kaolin, Tea Treee, Emulsifying Ointment, Acqeous Cream

I’ve had to trial and error quite a few barrier creams with Cassandra and happy to say she had no reaction to this one. The cream is quite as thick paste and provides quite a decent barrier on her bum.

Would I recommend these products?

Of everything we tested I am most sold on the Libero Comfort nappies. During the pandemic I find it very convenient to order nappies in bulk like this and have to arrive on your doorstep. In making the switch we also save money which is a huge win! I really am impressed by all the features that makes this European premium nappy a great choice for any South African mom!

For more information and to order any of the Libero and Hi Baby products visit:
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