Live on The Expresso Show – SABC 3

It’s not everyday you get to be on the Expresso Show on national television!

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about why I was getting involved in the #MothersDayConnect, hosted by Cape Town Embrace. It happened this past Mother’s Day and was a huge success! Julie Mentor (instigator and campaign Co-ordinator) and I were invited to report back on it on the SABC 3 Expresso Breakfast show!

We were so thrilled to be able to show photos and talk about the campaign to such a wide national audience. It was such a great platform to raise awareness for the campaign looking ahead to Mother’s Day Connect 2018!

What I wore on national TV

Being a girl, my first thought was what I would wear! We got a long list from the producers of the show about what NOT to wear. It pretty much covered everything I had in my wardrobe! I also received the most hilarious text from a friend. She said when she told her mom about the show, her mom said I’d better not wear jeans with holes on national TV!

My style for the show would have to be casual enough for a morning show but elegant enough for a TV debut.

Joshua accompanied me to shop for a TV-worthy outfit on the night before the show. We headed straight for Exact as I’d been told that their Winter 2017 collection is in-store this week!

Lately, my style has been Exact. I find their clothes fit me so well. Their style is suitable for modern families and the woman’s wear is both smart casual and stylish so it’s perfect for me!

I left the Exact store with two outfits. The first was a burgundy cocoon dress which I accessorized with gold jewelry and shiny burgundy heels.  And as a second option I bought the most comfortable pair of jeggings (without holes) for only R220! I matched this with a silver velvet top for around the same price.

Although I initially wanted to wear the dress, I opted instead for the jeans and silver top as I had the perfect shoes in my cupboard to go with it and it just looked like I was queening! I’m so glad I went with that too, I felt really comfortable and felt that my clothes represented an easy elegance that was prevalent on the Expresso set.

Being on the Expresso show set

We arrived on set at 6AM which is the standard call-time. The atmosphere in the studio was very laid back for the guests but the crew and presenters were busy.

We waited for our turn to go on the air with the other guests including Die Heuwels Fantasties and the cast from the movie, Bypass! We basically just sat there trying to be cool while sneaking selfies on the balcony and admiring the beautiful views of Sea Point.

Of course my mom was there too (there is no world in which she would miss this opportunity) and also Jane Gordon, Director of Gordon Communications.

My husband calls me his celebrity crush

Appearing live on television is definitely an experience I won’t forget anytime soon! After our five minutes of fame, it will be a real struggle to adjust to our normal life again!

In case you missed it, here it is:

What did you think of the show? Not fishing for compliments! Just wanting to know if the idea of sharing an hour of your Mother’s Day next year is something you would like to do? Comment below and let me know!



Anthea O'Neill is a wife and proud mom of three. She is front-end web developer, blogger and a self-proclaimed glitter & yarn addict. Anthea's Project Life is a blog for the modern mom.

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  1. Shana Solomon says:

    Yes, most definitely and would like to be part of the Mother’s Day Connect 2018.

    1. That’s awesome! We could definitely use your help next year!

  2. This is so awesome! Well done on getting involved. Eeeeckkkk a celeb! I wish I could have gotten more involved but life had me gripped that last week 🙁 🙁 but definitely next year… I have serious fomo about it.

    1. Don’t worry babe there is much to do and I am pegging you for next year be sure of that!

  3. Suzaan says:

    I am not a mother yet, but would defnitely want to be part of Mother’s day Connect 2018. My life moto – Aspire To Inspire, hence i was drawn by your short intro about the initiative.

    #RandomLadyInAckermansN1City 😃

    1. Hey you’re here! Thank you so much for supporting this cause! I was so surprised to meet you like that!!

  4. pamela says:

    I could watch this clip a million times and it will never get old but truth be told being in the studio, watching this all unfold was the most awesomest of all. I didn’t mind being behind the scenes, I still felt like a celeb but Anthea & Julie was born to this, presenting themselves so naturally & both equally stunning. #momhasbraggingrites

  5. Stephanie says:

    Loved it! The course and your interview. Well done to all who responded to the call!

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