Magic-Message-BananasA simple lunch box love note with a positive and uplifting message is a sweet way to remind your children that they are dearly loved and very special to you.

My son, Joshua, is a grade 2 student and has only now started reading independently. One night while packing his lunch box for the next day I wrote him a little note and used very simple words to tell him how much I loved him and that I hoped he was having a very nice day at school.

I tucked the note into his lunch box and smiled to myself as I anticipated his little face lighting up when he discovered my little surprise the next day at break time.

The next day he came home from school and ran straight into my arms telling me what a lovely surprise my lunch box love note was and how much it meant to him. He said that it made him feel special all day long and that he went about his school day with love in his heart and a smile on his face.

He giggled with glee as he handed me my own sweet love note scribbled on a napkin! My heart sang as I read his sweet note about how much he loves me and how happy he is to be my son.

A new lunch box tradition is born

It’s been a few days of back and forth love note exchanges. We’ve since graduated to using a proper little notebook that is tiny enough to fit into his lunchbox. I would write a note on one page and he would use the other side of the same page to draw me a little picture or write a love note back.

The notes are only one or two simple sentences and sometimes we would include little drawings. For example I would write “Joshua I love your beautiful and handsome smile” and then I’d draw a funny caricature of a boy with a huge smile. Sometimes he would draw a heart and write on the inside “Joshua + Mommy = Forever Love”.

In the years to come when I am replaced by girlfriends, friends and a busy lifestyle, I look forward to reading my little notebook as a sweet reminder of a time when Joshua’s entire sense of identity was derived from the way his mommy actively demonstrated her love for him every single day.

You can do this too

As parents, we don’t always have enough time to spend with our children because we are so busy with the business of taking care of them and of providing for them. We often forget that besides seeing to their every need, we are also making memories in these formative years that will last them for a lifetime.

A lunch box love note is only one easy to do and small way to ensure that our children feel the warmth of our love even while we are apart from them.

Lunch Box Love Note Inspiration

Magic Message Bananas


Bananas are a staple in many kids’ lunches, but did you ever think about including a secret message on the peel? At Come Together Kids, Laura offers a tutorial for pin-pricking messages on the peels (free) that show up by the time the kiddos eat.

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