All Gold Jam

Making memories with All Gold Jam

A proudly South African brand, ALL GOLD JAM has always been a family favorite! My granny swore by All Gold smooth apricot jam. She loved the fruity taste so much she used it in her baking. She made the most delicious hertzoggies for Sunday tea-time. It’s one of the things I miss most about her!

Making memories

My childhood is filled with so many memories of sneaking into the kitchen late at night with my cousins. We loved our smooth apricot jam with peanut butter and bread!

Now that I’m all “growd-up” as my kids say, it’s heartwarming to hear my children sneaking into the kitchen for the same old PB&J sandwich! And we still swear by All Gold apricot jam!


The All Gold family has expanded

We were very excited to receive a bag full of new ALL GOLD jams! Our holiday breakfasts so far have consisted of flapjacks and jam. Luckily I stocked up on all the premixes before the holidays!

These are some of my favorites and they are all brand new:

ALL GOLD Connoisseurs Lite Jam is made with up to 37% less total sugar and is  endorsed by the Low GI Foundation and Diabetes Associations. We can barely taste the difference!


The ALL GOLD Connoisseurs range includes three new flavours: Raspberry, Blueberry and Mixed Berries. They are too nice to share with the kids! We’ve been enjoying it with our Sunday night TV snack tray. Our special treat for after the kids bedtime!

All Gold Skweezi Jams

By far the most exciting additions are the brand new Skweezi jams! The range includes new flavors like Pear & Mango and old favorites like Strawberry. The squeezable bottles are easy to use and the kids love them. The plastic bottles are very easy for little hands to operate.

No mess, no fuss.

All Gold Skweezi jam
That face you make when you can squeeze your own jam!

My attempt at confetti flap jacks….

My attempt at confetti flap jacks....

With all these new and exciting goodies, ALL GOLD has once again ensured they remain a favorite brand in every South African family.

This is why we can proudly say that every All Gold product is Crammed Full of Goodness. –

You can find tons of tasty ALL GOLD JAM recipes by visiting their brand new website here:



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  1. Pamela says:

    Your blog looks like a professional advert for ALL GOLD ha ha ha. I’m an old gradma now and All Gold is still my favourite product. I love the new ‘skweezi’ for my arthritic hands especially. I’m gonna hunt this bottle down…………Watch out supermarkets……………… I come!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND YOU BETA BE STOCKING IT!!!!!!!!!! ‘aint nobody tells momma they ‘aint got it!’

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