Milo Balls

These no-bake Milo Balls has quickly become a favorite sweet treat in our home. With only 4 ingredients needed to make it we almost always have all the ingredients on hand whenever we feel like something sweet (which in Winter is very often).

Milo Balls

Although Milo has become a bit pricey here in South Africa (especially for a family of four), we still like to treat ourselves during Winter. It’s just turned Spring here but the weather is still cold enough to warrant the splurge. Also, hiding it behind the yucky end-of-month coffee can helps to make it last even longer…

We’ve made Milo Balls a few times. It’s super easy to make so the last time I let the kids make it from start to finish. Although it was very messy and I had to clean up afterwards, they had a lot of fun!

How to make Milo Balls

Ingredients (makes about 20):

  1. 4 x Tablespoons of Milo
  2. 1 x Packet of Marie biscuits
  3. 1 x Can of Condensed milk
  4. 1 x Cup of coconut for the mixture and extra for rolling


  1. Start off by crushing the Marie biscuits very finely. You can use your mixer although we simply put it in a bag and crush it with a mug. You can also hammer the biscuits with the flat top of your meat tenderizer like I do!
  2. Add the milo, coconut and condensed milk to the crushed biscuit.
  3. Slightly dampen your hands and roll out little balls in the palm of your hand then roll the ball in the extra coconut.
  4. Once you’ve made all your balls, let it set in the fridge for about five minutes.
  5. Ready to eat!

Making Milo Balls

There you have it! A quick sweet treat that even the kids can make by themselves. It usually only takes ten minutes to make but they have so much fun bashing the biscuits (and eating some) that it stretches to double the time!

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