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Mommy and son date

As a working mother, I have very limited time to spend just hanging out with the kids and opportunities for individual time are even more rare.

With little sister begging to go to playschool during the school holidays and me having a day off work, Joshua and I took the opportunity to have a mommy and son date while dad stayed home.

Mommy and son date

Initially, we had planned to watch a movie but unfortunately Josh did not meet any of the age restriction requirements for Independence Day or The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles so we came up with a new plan – bookstore and pizza!

Mommy and son date
A nutella milkshake for Joshua and cappuccino for mommy

Pizza and lectures on the earth

Due to the change of plans from our movie date, we decided on a pizza and a treat at the bookstore. My son has loads of toys but at the age of nine, what he enjoys most is a good book.

Joshua spent some of his birthday money on a book that is every budding scientist’s dream! It’s a Discovery Channel book called “Discover the mega world: 3, 000 facts about everything enormous!”.

The new book is absolutely awesome! It really does have loads of very interesting facts “about everything” to keep him occupied for the rest of the school holidays at least! Or so I thought….



We had our pizza at Panarotti’s because of their Tuesday 2 for 1 special. After ordering our pizzas, Joshua took the opportunity of having me trapped by him in a corner booth (he wanted to sit beside me) to read aloud almost all of the first 100 facts from his book. I had nowhere to run!

Mommy and son date - Anthea's Project Life
I am almost done eating my pizza and he is still talking…

Joshua was talking so animatedly he hardly even touched his pizza. A few customers stopped by our table occasionally to tell us what a treat it was to see a child so excited with a reading book instead of having his nose in a cellphone!




We spoke about everything under the sun. And I mean that literally because of his new book! I hope we can get to spend one on one time again on another mommy and son date really soon!

As a working mother, life is busy and I often forget that the most important thing I should be doing is making time to just hang out and engage with the kids. A mommy and son date made me feel connected with Joshua and it made him feel incredibly special to have so much individual attention.

How do you spend one on one time with your kids? Share your ideas in the comments below! And sharing is caring so if you liked my post please share it with your friends using any button below! 


Anthea O'Neill is a wife and proud mom of three. She is front-end web developer, blogger and a self-proclaimed glitter & yarn addict. Anthea's Project Life is a blog for the modern mom.

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  1. What a great day! I love spending one-on-one time with my grown children (ages 27 and 29). Food, great conversation, and a Disney theme park are the usual. My daughter and I like to take a Latin Cardio class together too!

  2. Books are simply the best. I wish I had more one on one time with my kids – but with 3 and me working it is very difficult. But the girlchild and I are planning a Mall of Africa trip soon

    1. That should be so much fun! I wish that I was close enough for a visit to the Mall of Africa!

  3. My daughter is my limpet she is always by my side and we do lots together. I love to go for a girlie coffee with her she has juice but she gets restless before I am halfway down my drink so we spend lots of time in the play park burning off her energy. The cinema is a favourite of ours too. My son is 13 and we will go for walks with the dog and once a week I will do him a facial to help with his hormone skin. (never ever tell my son I told you)

  4. My daughter is 21 and we still have date days when we can, and its precious time, me and my Son (25) now have mates days, and once again it precious time. So chuffed to have kids that still want to spend time with their dad

    1. That’s just awesome, Mike!

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