Moms need time outs too

Moms need time-outs tooThe best lesson I’ve learned since becoming a mom is very simple: Make Time for Yourself.

We give our kids time-outs when they misbehave, allowing them a few minutes to self-soothe. After their time-out they usually are calmer and able to be social again.

Many moms suffer from burnout due to constantly giving of themselves to their children without ever replenishing the well that the kids are drawing from. We also need time outs for the same reasons as our kids – to self-soothe.

If you’re always doing, doing, doing, you’re likely to feel resentful, and kids pick that up,” says Fran Stott, Ph.D., a child psychologist with the Erikson Institute, a graduate school in child development, in Chicago.

Since becoming a mom I have given 100% of my time and attention to take care of my family often times running myself ragged with exhaustion. Once I get to the point of exhaustion I feel resentment, I end up scolding and being an impatient and grumpy mom. If this sounds familiar to you – you need a time out!

A time out for a mom uses the same principle as the time we give our kids. Positive time out teaches the valuable life skill of learning to take time to feel what you feel, and to calm down until you can behave in more constructive ways. – from

How you can make time out for yourself

Find a hobby and spend time doing what you love

I have many hobbies mainly crafting accessories and fun up-cycled items.  I find that spending time to create something pretty with my own hands stimulates me.

A monthly visit to the salon

I treat myself at least once a month to a visit to the salon. A girl can’t give out all her secrets, but it takes time and effort to look groomed and it gives me great pleasure to have someone else prime and pamper me on a regular basis. My role as mom entails a lot of dirty work so when I make an effort to schedule a trip to the salon and leave with at least a beautiful manicure, I feel ready to tackle the world again!

Take the time to read

I love reading! As with watching a good movie, it helps me to escape my reality for a little while and get lost in another world. If you don’t like reading, treat yourself to a monthly subscription of your favorite magazine. It’s good to keep up to date with what’s happening beyond your world.

Get some exercise

Go for a walk to clear your head or go to gym. Personally I hate the gym and I hate exercise too, but even going for a long walk gives me a good chance to think and enjoy the fresh air which helps me to stay calm and grounded.

Free your evenings

When the kids are young it’s not always possible but as soon as possible, get them into an evening routine with a set early bedtime. I don’t think I would cope with my daily life if my kids were still needing me after eight o’ clock in the evenings. The benefit of a set bedtime means a few blissful hours to yourself before you go to sleep to relax and unwind.

I hope you will take this to heart and take better care of yourself. As moms we do tend to get exhausted often but hopefully by taking better care of yourself you will be able to cope better with all the demands on your time. After all…

“If Mamma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!”

Over to you

Do you agree that you are the most important person in your home? What do you do to take care of yourself? I’d love to hear your thoughts! Please share if you found this post useful.