Movie Party

For Joshua’s 10th Birthday we celebrated with a Movie Night Party! Joshua’s birthday falls right at the start of the Winter season. Our city of Cape Town is nothing if not over the top so we’re always getting either a storm or freezing cold temperatures! Either way, our choices for birthday parties are limited to the indoors. We couldn’t think of a better way to enjoy the cosy weather than PJ’s and movies!

Movie Party

Movie Night Party Birthday theme ideas

Josh and I brainstormed ideas on how best to celebrate this epic milestone birthday. After tons of discarded ideas we finally settled on a Movie Night Party theme. Because 12-15 kids taking over your living room is nice and quiet right?

Our party was anything BUT quiet! Although I must admit that it was so much fun! The best part is that Josh is old enough to help plan his party. Involving him in the planning meant that his party featured some of HIS favorite things which he wanted to share with his friends!

Our “Movie Theatre”

We set up our movie theater in lounge. We used the framework of a gazebo which we covered with our bed linens and fairy lights.

Black balloons were hung from the “ceiling” underneath the gazebo which was meant to look like a pillow fort. For this reason we used pegs and sheets and basically just let them lounge on pillows and blankets underneath it.

This worked well because the dress code was PJ’s and onesies. We hosted the party leading into the evening because Joshua wanted it to have the feel of a sleepover.

Movie Party

All the kids said that the highlight was being picked up after dark from a party for the very first time! Of course, I had to clear this with the parents first to check that it was OK for them to stay until after dark.

Party Decor and design

A very minimal amount of fuss went into decorating our space for the party. I used a color scheme of red, black and gold/yellow because I liked the retro feel it created. I found gold straws, red & white polka dot cups and yellow bunting flags.

movie night party decor

The posters and wall decor were made using materials I already had. I found these free movie party printables which I used it to make custom decor. I then got creative and used materials like tissue paper for fans, old box lids for posters and red Christmas tree ornaments for decoration.

Joshua has a red spotlight bedside lamp which worked quite well on a black and white striped table cloth.

Movie Feature Poster

We also made a chalkboard sign which Alex used to write out our feature films for the afternoon which were Monster truck and Pacific Rim, one of Joshua’s favorite movies and one he’s never seen.

Movie Party Feature Poster

Movie Party Feature Poster

Movie Night Party Snacks

After being such fussy eaters all their lives, growing boys consume surprisingly large quantities of food! Having one myself, I knew what I was in for so I was well prepared!

I loved these popcorn buckets from a plastics depot and filled them up with buttery popcorn. Everyone also got a few glow in the dark sticks in their buckets which served as party favors.

Our DIY concession stand which was a big hit and contained a wide selection of snacks and juice boxes. No fizzy drinks were served because Joshua does not drink it he prefers juice. Although I did sneak Alex some Grapetizer as a thank you treat for her assistance.

Movie Party Snacks

Movie Party

Movie Party Snacks

The also had a dinner of foot-long hotdogs which is Joshua’s absolute favorite treat lately. They’re literally a foot long and were served with an assortment of toppings like cheese, condiments, pickles, chilli, etc.

Movie Party Snacks

Happy Birthday Joshua

We had an intermission between the two movies for the kids to stretch their legs and then sing happy birthday to Josh who was smiling from ear to ear. It was LOUD with the boys all wanting to out-sing each other the loudest!

Joshua had a simple but decadent chocolate cake for his birthday because it’s his favorite kind.

The simplicity of the party really reminded me of the old garage parties from when I was young. We had such a great time with this theme. I love that it incorporated all of Joshua’s choices so well. His friends all agree that it was loads of fun! I think it’s going to take me about a year to recover from the noise!

I’m still adjusting to being a tween mom. The sarcasm, whit, sighs and sometimes growls are apparently to be expected. It’s like a prelude to the teenage phase.

A special shout out to my very special mom friend, Eloise, for taking brilliant photos and helping me with tween crowd control!

What are your favorite features of this party? Have you been inspired to host a Movie Party of your own at home? Let me know in the comments and please do take a moment to share this post if you enjoyed it!