Being organized is essential whether you are managing your home, your family or your work. It means developing good habits and putting tools in place to help you effectively manage your time better.

Being organized does not come naturally to me but with the right tools I am able to manage my time and take care of everything that needs doing while still having time for myself!

Up until a few months  ago, I was a WAHM which made it very easy for me to be flexible with my time and have plenty of space to organize my life. Since I started working full-time again, I’m finding it much more challenging to stay on top of everything.

School life

My kids attend two different schools so there is always something happening. School age kids fill your life with meetings, orals, bake sales, procuring homework supplies and a million other things that need doing.

My kids are adept at telling me what they would need for school the following day at bedtime or handing me slips of papers/letters to sign as we rush out of the door in the mornings!

My husband can always be counted on for the odd reminder but I like to know well in advance of any plans like appointments, shopping requests, due dates for school projects/orals, fun walks and bake sales, etc.

I currently have to manage my own time because I can’t justify needing or being able to afford my own personal assistant and my sister won’t work for free… Until then, this is how I manage my time and am still able to have plenty of time for myself.

Useful time management tools

Hanging a wall calendar

Hang a great big monthly calendar in a place where everyone walks by constantly. Everything that is happening or needs to happen for the month gets penciled in. If it’s not on the calendar, it ain’t happening!

After one or two cancelled play dates (because no one had added it to the calendar) the kids have quickly gotten in line with the calendar system. They now write their own stuff on the calendar so that the whole family is aware of what they need or where they need to be on any day.

Joshua crossing off the day on our wall calendar

Kids thrive on routine and take comfort in knowing what to expect. Allowing the kids to take turns crossing off each day as they happen will give them a sense of time and help them to count down the days to the weekend and special dates.

Making use of a day planner / diary

At the start of every New Year, I enjoy the part where I get to choose my new day planner! I love comparing the pages, how they are bound, their cover designs, their sizes, the contents inside, the extra resources, the inspirational quotes,etc. There is no limit to how much enjoyment I can get from buying a new day planner.

In 2016 and 2014, my day planner was the Most Organized Mom Diary (M.O.M. Diary)My first M.O.M. Diary was procured on auction at our school event. It was a big A4- sized diary in gorgeous Candy Floss pink.


When I ordered my new diary for 2016, I was very disappointed to learn that the A4 sizes had been discontinued. I really loved being able to have all my school newsletters and photos in there as well as having plenty of big space to jot down recipes, etc.

Never-the-less, I decided to purchase the smaller A5 version and it arrived within 2 days by courier. I missed the big size initially but the A5 has been much easier to carry around in my handbag.

For organization, a day planner helps with to-do lists, meetings, etc. Even though it’s called a M.O.M. Diary, it has such a beautiful cover that I carry it around with me everywhere even to the office. It’s also packed full of useful information like school term dates, public holidays, emergency numbers, etc.

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Using Google calendar

Along with my physical calendars and day planner, I also love using the Google Calendar. Anyone with a Gmail account has access to a Google Calendar. It allows me to stay organized very easily and intuitively. I have it synced on all my devices and it really is a great help with reminders, etc.

Using Google drive

I would not be able to function without my Google drive. Anyone with a Gmail account has access to a Google drive. I use this for uploading any files and photos that I’d like to access remotely and it is a great help and time saver.

Carrying a notebook and a pen

Despite all these techy organization tools, you would still always find me carrying a classic notebook and a pen. These tools also come in handy with a bored child who needs a distraction in church or in a coffee shop with no play area!

Sticking up post its

I just love the pretty colours of post it notepads. I use post its to add odd reminders on my calendar, in my planner, in my bible, in my notebook, etc. I always buy these in bulk.



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