First Day of school 2019

This is my sixth year of being a primary school mom! When Joshua had his first day of school in Grade 1 I remember how nervous and excited we both were. I felt exactly the same anxiety and excitement when Alex had her first day of school three years later. I always want to document this big day! Over the years it’s great to see how much they’ve grown! 

School moms

Grade 3 moms

The back to school shopping was no joke even though we didn’t buy school clothes this year. They needed stationery, classroom supplies and new water bottles and lunchboxes. We spent days shopping for school supplies and then labeling everything down to the last pencil crayon. I got the cutest things for cheap at PEP home stores and then shopped around for specials on the rest of the stationery at PNA and Checkers.

Alex was the incredibly helpful this year. She did most of the labeling for both of them in her very neat handwriting. She is exactly like my sister used to be as a kid. Always organizing her stuff and very conscientious with her schoolwork.

While Alex was hard at work getting things ready for school, Joshua was doing as little as humanly possible and enjoying his last taste of freedom. According to him, that’s what little sisters are for!

First Day of School Breakfast

Because its such a big day, I like to get up early to make a special first day of school breakfast. With night feeds happening every two hours or so it’s easy to stay up now for sunrise. Joshua was actually the first one to rise. Too much excitement!

I spent a quick hour blowing up balloons, setting the table, putting breakfast out, ironing uniforms and getting myself dressed. After three babies I know how to work speedily!

First Day of School breakfast

Welcome to Grade 3 and Grade 6

I loved seeing their delighted faces when they woke up to this table laid especially for them! It got them really excited for school and they forgot to be anxious about their new teacher and classrooms.

Back to school

The kids are not big eaters when they’ve just woken up so I did small portions of everything. They had fruit and yogurt, chocolate milk, blueberry muffins and eggs and ham. They cleaned their plates of everything!

The highlight of their breakfast was the yogurt! Haha. Because our double-cream yogurt is our grown-up treat, the kids are usually not allowed to have of it. They get a stack of snack-sized yogurts in different flavors to have whenever they feel hungry. Just because it was a special occasion they had “grown-up yogurt” and it overshadowed everything else on their plate!

After breakfast they humored me for some pictures. I want to take pictures every year to compare how they’ve grown each year. It’s so important to me to mark the years because they fly by so fast!

First Day of School

Going to school

We always go with the kids to school on the first day. They have mountains of school supplies to carry and there is a lot of confusion with new classrooms and teachers. Ashley took the day off work so we could have an easier morning and not have to rush back to the office. It’s a bit trickier with since Alex started big school because of course I wish I could be in two places at once!

We split up after the kids bid each other a very long and loving farewell. The boys decided that emotional mommy would be better off with Alex and so they went to find the senior classes.

It was absolute chaos at the Grade 3 side! The little kids were either clutching their parents and trying to look brave or gleefully shrieking when they found old friends. Alex shared the crazy with the few friends she found in the crowd, two of whom are in her new class!

At this point Cassie started getting overwhelmed at all the noise and wanted out of her pram and onto my shoulder. Alex was ecstatic that her friends got to see her baby sister!

Finally, the teachers arrived and after a few announcements they started directing their lines of kids into the school building. I was absolutely devestated that we weren’t allowed to escort them into the classrooms as they’d previously allowed parents in until Grade 3.

This time I had to take her heaviest school supplies and sign it in at the office so they could deliver it to her class. No fun!

The funniest part of the entire morning was when the school bell rang. The kids were so excited that they let out a big cheer! The first and last time that they cheer for school to begin, I’m sure! They happily kissed us goodbye marched in neat rows into the school building. Without looking back!

Our First Day of School

I hope your kids have had a really good first week of school and wish them all the best for the new school year!

Did you manage to keep it together or were you emotional on the first day of school? Leave me a comment below! I must admit that I was quite OK this year or maybe just too tired for anything with a 13 week old baby!