Pampers Baby-Dry

Babies thrive in a routine and having a good night time routine can really help to set you up for a restful night with your baby. I’m always willing to try new things to help my baby sleep well at night so I was super excited when asked to try the new Pampers Baby-Dry. Can you imagine a nappie that can keep your baby dry for up to 12 hours? 

Pampers Baby-Dry – how does it work?

Pampers has established a new standard of excellence with their latest innovation, Pampers Baby-Dry. This is the only nappie with 2 air channels that allows air to flow directly to your baby’s bum, for breathable dryness.

The new #PampersBabyDry has been specially designed to distribute wetness evenly from front the back across nappy and lock it away even better allowing  up to 12 hours of dryness. Your baby can now have the best sleep with a dry, “nappy-off” feeling throughout the night!

Pampers Baby-Dry

Our night time routine

Cassandra does not sleep through the night yet. She still wakes up when hungry and when her bum feels wet a few times a night. When she has had a good night time routine she can however sleep for longer periods and that is just goals!

Bath time

Bath time routine

We start off our night time routine with a bath at around 7 o’ clock. We usually play soft, soothing baby music from her own playlist on my phone.

Cassandra never enjoyed bath time as a newborn. The cold and wet had her screaming all the way through! If your newborn also cries just persevere with your routine! At four months, Cassandra is so used to it and absolutely loves to bath. She wriggles her toes and fingers and is fascinated when it makes little splashes in the water!

Before I remove all her clothing and nappie, I always gather everything I’ll need and lay it out right where I’ll be bathing her. I keep her bath essentials all in one place in a little basket I made just for this purpose.

Once she is undressed, I first clean her eyes with damp cotton wool swabs. Next I wash her hair. I only wash her hair twice a week to preserve all it’s natural oils so most nights I skip this step.

When her eyes and hair are washed, I use my hands to rub body wash all over her skin. I don’t use a face cloth yet because it’s still too rough on her incredibly soft, baby skin. Next she get’s placed into the bath tub for a rinse and some gentle water play.

NB. Babies are very slippery when wet so you have to keep a good grip on them. I usually hold my baby securely by the leg while laying her across my forearm (not pictured here). 

Baby massage

Once her bath is done and she has been properly dried, she loves to have a baby massage. I also exercise, rub her tummy and stretch out her arms and legs while doing this. It helps to release any excess wind that is trapped in her body.

Cuddle, feed and burp 

I love to cuddle her when she’s all calm and smells so sweet. But I know from raising three babies that the nappie has got to go on fast!

When she has been redressed she gets a nice long feed, gets burped and is off to the land of nod!

Bath time routine

Our review of Pampers Baby-Dry

For the last week we’ve been exclusively using the new Pampers Baby-Dry. I was so intrigued to learn about all it’s new features and really curious to see how it would affect nights with Baby Cassandra.

Pampers Baby-Dry has been very well designed with cute little illustrations on the front and back. Previously known as Pampers Active Dry, the new Baby-Dry sports a new interior and exterior design. It’s very thin and light-weight to allow for freedom of movement with hidden micropearls which cleverly absorbs up to 30x of its own weight and helps to lock away wetness for up to 12 hours.

In terms of the sizing, they’ve made some changes with the new design which means that my 7 Kg baby girl fits into both a size 3 and a size 4 quite comfortably!

New Pampers Baby-Dry sizing

The smaller sizes have a handy wetness indicator which turns blue when the nappy is wet! You’ll need this because these nappies do not get bulky or sag even after being wet a few times over! It does an amazing job of keeping our baby’s bum feeling dry.

How Pampers Baby-Dry has affected our night time routine

Since we made the switch to Pampers Baby-Dry we’ve used half the amount of nappies during the night. Cassandra stays dry for longer so unless she has made a poo we can forego her scheduled nappie changes.

I am thrilled to be able to save money now that I can buy a smaller amount of nappies for the next month!

I also found that I now need to write down when we last changed her because of the fact that I can’t tell if her nappies is wet since it retains it’s thin shape even when full.

We are very happy with this innovative offering by Pampers. I’m happy to report that with more uninterrupted sleep at night, Cassandra wakes up super happy! Nothing but big, gummy grins to greet me each morning!

Anthea O'Neill

Happy baby, happy Mom!

The new Baby-Dry retails for around R230, across all major SA retailers. You can identify the new packaging by the bold on-pack “Air Channels” symbol.

Pampers Baby-Dry

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