Have you ever woken up with the heart-stopping realization that you’ve overslept? Well I have – three times! We totally overslept one morning – on a school day, marking the third time this has happened to me in my adult life!

When the alarm fails you

Our morning routine usually works. Ashley is the first to get up. He gets himself ready and then gets us all up. Hint: My kids and I are not morning people.

This week however, he has doctors orders to stay home from work so he accidentally cancelled his alarm. He did it when he was half asleep and so we all just slept on. At around 7:30 I woke up to a very loud “Oh F***” next to me!

We immediately sprang into action and ran to get the kids up. When we got to their bedrooms they were both lying awake with the biggest smiles on their faces. The little buggers had woken up and conspired to try to get away with a holiday!

We hurriedly got dressed, washed and fed them in record time. While I was getting them dressed Ashley packed the lunchboxes. Nothing creates teamwork better than when both parents have screwed up!

Within thirty minutes we were at the school gate. The school bell rings at 7h50 for line-up and 7:55 for entering the classrooms. By 8h00 sharp the school is in session.

When we arrived at the gate it seemed we were one of many others who were late. We joined the mad rush to reach the gate before it was locked. Once the gate monitor locked up you have to report to the office.

We were fast. We made it! I realized afterwards that I hadn’t even said goodbye to my kids. At least they didn’t have to report to the office and get detention! This morning was not our finest parenting moment but it just demonstrated what a dream team Ashley and I are! Having overslept by an hour we were only ten minutes late!

The time I overslept and nearly missed my finals

Walking back home I recalled the other times I overslept. It was during my final exams in high school. I was writing my favorite subject, Chemistry and I was so anxious that I crammed for most of the night before. As with all my other exams, I had quiet time to pray before going down to the exam room. Only this time, I actually fell asleep while praying!

I woke up in an empty classroom feeling very disorientated. When I checked the time I realized with horror that the exam had started! I was already twenty minutes late! I ran out and sprinted towards my exam room.

A few of my teachers caught up with me on the way. They knew I wouldn’t just miss my finals and were looking for me. They escorted me and we made a very dramatic entrance into the exam room. Luckily, after speaking with the external moderator they cleared my access and I was allowed to enter. Thankfully, I had lost only thirty minutes and used all the remaining allocated time.

Despite the drama, I passed Chemistry and scored well enough to graduate high school with honors!

The time I overslept and became the office joke

I was still living at home with my parents. Having just graduated from college I was working as a junior web developer in my first every job. I used to catch a really early bus into the city center at 6:30 which is usually before sunrise.

One morning, I woke up to the sound of birds chirping outside my window. With dread I opened my eyes and saw that the sun was already shining high in the sky! I knew that I was screwed so I called my boss on her mobile and shamefully admitted that I’d overslept. I profusely apologized and promised to get there soonest and to work overtime.

My manager patiently listened to my whole explanation before she replied. She simply said: “Thank you, darling but that won’t be necessary. Today is Saturday.

Needless to say, my blooper had made the rounds by the time I arrived at work on Monday and I had a giant clock standing on my desk…

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