A pajama party; a cool alternative to sleepovers

Tweens are a tough crowd! They’re too big and too little for most things. Everything is uncool and they’ve suddenly become shy and self-conscious! For parents like us who are not into sleepovers, a pajama party is the perfect compromise.

We recently celebrated Joshua’s birthday with a cool pajama party. His buddy enjoyed it so much that he hosted his very own pajama party this weekend! According to Josh, they all had such a great time so I think it’s safe to say that pajama parties are now tween approved!

A pajama party

Why a pajama party?

A pajama party is cool because it’s like a fake sleep over.  Your friends come over dressed in their most comfortable pajamas. They can wear gowns, beanies, onesies, slippers or anything that they would wear for sleeping at home.

Pajama Party 2

This is the second one so far and I really hope there’ll be more because apparently it was great fun!

Both boys hosted their pajama parties in the late afternoon. This really was the best time especially since it ends around sunset. They played games, watched movies, ate all the junk food. They even told scary ghost stories underneath blanket forts that they’d built (because boys). Even though it’s Winter and ice cold, Josh said they were even playing with water guns at his friends place in their imaginary battle. I guess they don’t really feel the cold when they’re having fun!

And afterwards everyone goes home at sunset all played out and full of junk food having had the best time! A pajama party is all the fun of a sleepover without the sleeping over.

Pajama party / Movie night

Host a fun pajama party at school

It actually reminded me of a similar Winter party we had when our kids were still at preschool. All the parents and kids were invited to spend an evening in the school hall, in their pajamas!

There was fresh buttery popcorn,  hot dogs and soup. We dimmed the lights and watched a movie lying down on the pillows and blankets we brought from home. Afterwards, we all enjoyed what we called a “Christmas pudding” before heading back home. The school moms supplied a variety of pudding and we dished up a taste of everything in bowls.

I’m really glad that my kids are still young enough to enjoy things like pajama parties! They’re some of the best holiday memories I have from when I was a child!


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  1. Pamela says:

    It looks like such fun. I didn’t have that as a kid but I sure enjoy my grandchildren’s exploits and sassiness. Such a novel idea especially in today’s times when young parents have to be extra careful and are paranoid about having their kids out of their sight overnight.

    1. It’s not like I was allowed to any sleepovers either Mommy!

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