How to plan a ladybug party

How to plan a ladybug partyFor our daughter’s first birthday we hosted a ladybug party! After all, she is our little “love bug”.

I love planning my children’s birthday parties! I go to great lengths to ensure that every little detail is tailor-made to suit the theme of the party.

I had so much fun planning this fun themed party! It was really easy to source party materials  because only three primary colours are used – red, black and green. I also knew that I could do a lot of ladybug crafting and DIY decorations with my glue gun and some black and red polka dot stickers!

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Suitable for Ages

1 to 4

Colour Scheme

Red, green and black.

Dress Code

Leave a note on the invitation asking all the boys and girls to wear a red t-shirt and the girls to wear either a red t-shirt or a pretty red dress.

Party Favor bags


DIY Party Favors, Yellow Bliss Road

This best thing about a ladybug party theme are all the DIY options. I sourced bright red plastic miniature buckets with lids at very low cost at Plastics Warehouse which I covered with black dot stickers.

Another option is to cover red gift bags with black dots like this.

Ladybug Party Invitation

I designed a ladybug party invitation using the three primary colors of the theme as reference and also included cute ladybug clipart. The invitation is available in my shop and you can customize it with your own wording and photos.

Everytime I look at the photos on this invitation I get so broody remembering how delightful Alexandra was as a baby!

Ladybug Party Invitation | Hello Babies Shop

Ladybug Party Decorations

In keeping with the color scheme I used red and black balloons. I also found loads of free ladybug which I printed and hung on the walls. I’ve collected more free printables on Pinterest.

Ladybug Party Snacks

Ladybug Appetizers Recipe photo by Taste of Home

Ladybug Appetizers Recipe photo by Taste of Home

A delightful ladybug appetizer (find the recipe here) can be easily made with red tomatoes and black olives.

Also serve lots of red iced cupcakes and use a ladybug cupcake topper. The birthday cake is also very easy to DIY. At the time my baking skills left much to be desired so I simply cannot post pictures here. But there are really nice DIY options from other moms who got it right on my Pinterest board!

Ladybug Party Fun


Love bug hat craft by Room-mom101

We always allow friends of both our kids to attend their birthday parties so the ages of the children ranged from 1-6 years old and we had to prepare activities suitable for the younger and the older kids.

317673_10150430931900460_1803730311_nFor the toddlers we set up ball ponds and a play area and asked the bigger kids to craft some love bug headbands for everyone using cardboard and pipe cleaners. This kept the kids entertained for all of ten minutes. We then set up an art station with paints, glue and glitter and each child painted their own bug on a coffee table coaster which they took home as a party favor along with their red polka dot buckets of snacks.

The rest of the party time was spent playing outside and as you can see from the pictures, even the little birthday girl had fun at the craft table when the older kids vacated the art station!

Original images and their credits available on Pinterest.