Polka dot nail art

Polka dot nail artI had my nails done recently and got the cutest polka dot nail art which my daughter absolutely loves. She is a little mini-me so she immediately wanted exactly the same style on her nails. Not willing to pay a fortune for such a mini-mani,  I came up with my own method of doing polka dot nail art and it actually turned out to be quite easy!

Polka Dot Nail Art Tutorial

Alex took her time choosing a shade of pink from my nail polish stash that was the closest match to mine. We applied two coats of this as the base to her small and delicate nails.

Once the base coat had dried, I poured out a few drops of white nail polish onto a tissue. I don’t have pure white nail polish so I used my Essence Tip Painter 01 Pure White. I tried to use the applicator brush but found it was too soft to form a very neat dot.

Tip: This is a great little product to add to your stash because of the cute little bottle + applicator  and I’m pretty sure it costed less than R25 at Clicks!

Essence 01 Pure White Tip Painter | Anthea's Project Life

With a toothpick, I dipped the tip into the blob of white and then lightly touched it to her nail to form a dot.

Polka dot nail art

The pattern I used is a row of three dots down the center of her nail with one neat row of three dots on either side forming a nice polka dot pattern!

Polka dot nail art | Anthea's Project Life

Once the dots had dried I applied some clear polish over each nail so it looked as glossy as my manicured nails!

She really loves her nails which look “just like mommy’s!“. Can you tell? 🙂 The only downside is that I now have to do half the girls in her class as well!

Polka dot nail art

More nail art inspiration for little girls…

There are so many cute nail art for little girls on Pinterest. Alex and I will never have boring nails again….well at least not for the next few weeks!


This pretty manicure is from the A Vain Woman.

9b3dde19dbd2213a519834686108e27bShared by the Beautylish.com

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