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Are modern women too busy to learn homemaking skills?


In earlier generations, homemaking skills were passed down by the older women in the family to the younger women. Most things were hand/home made without any modern conveniences like kitchen appliances and home ware gadgets. The modern woman started emerging in our parents’ generation. Homemaking skills are now less popular than ever before with women being more focused on their careers than the home.

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Bad Girls of the Bible: Meet Rahab

pexels-photo-24469 - Copy

During the month of August, South Africa celebrates Women’s Day. We reflect on great examples of women who inspire us in the way they live their lives and their accomplishments that inspire us to be brave and to do great things.

I love to study some of the women from the Bible. We know a lot about the good girls but there is much to learn from the bad girls too!

Rahab is a bad girl from the Old Testament. Her story is a perfect example of God’s redemption and love on a woman who didn’t always have it all together.

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My top tips for taking a great selfie

Anthea O'Neill

Apply mascara to your upper and lower eye lashes.

Having the self-confidence to take photos of yourself can be awkward for some.

Do you need some practical advise on how to take a great selfie so you can feel more confident to photograph yourself? I share a few of my top practical tips for taking great selfies! You will learn how to hold the camera to get the best angles for your face, lighting and makeup tips and much more!

You will become a selfie queen in no time after reading this!

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Five for Friday: Top 5 favourite family movies

The Karate Kid

With two young children, we watch a LOT of family movies because we don’t always feel like watching the animated movies. Family movie night is a nice way to relax after a long week and to spend time together.

We have a few favorite movies that are enjoyable for adults and children which we loved to introduce to our children. This is a roundup of our favorite family-friendly movies.

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Finally, the secret to making your kids eat vegetable soup


Vegetable Soup

Are you raising picky eaters who won’t eat their vegetable soup? I can help! I’ve discovered the secret to making your kids want to eat their vegetable soup and you won’t believe how easy it is!

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Crafting and bonding time with the kids


Kids of all ages love crafting and it’s the perfect way to spend one-on-one time with our kids.

Crafting is also the best way to keep the kids busy while they are trapped indoors during Winter. It’s also a great way to create a bonding time with your child.

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Chocolate Oatmeal No-bake Cookies


Chocolate Oatmeal No-bake Cookies are the perfect to stash in your kitchen. These cookies require absolutely zero baking and they are absolutely yummy!

Find out how to make them. And yes, you read right….no baking required!

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Whatever happened to Sunday?


We need to bring back the tradition of spending intentional time with family on a Sunday. It should be a day of rest and recuperation. It used to be a restful day of family and tea time. Where has that gone and how can we bring it back?

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