Pregnancy Update

I’m blowing the dust off my blog to give you a long overdue pregnancy update! I am currently twenty-three weeks pregnant and no, we don’t know what we’re having! 

It’s so weird even to me how quiet I’ve been until now about my pregnancy. I think it’s because I’ve been in this happy bubble and I didn’t want to blog about it until I felt safe to share. A first trimester can be very daunting as that is when things can go wrong. We only announced it early on social media because Alexandra found out (shopping with me for preggie vitamins and being too good at reading labels).

She literally told every single person we saw including Uber drivers, Spar staff, her old teachers, the scholar patrol as well as all her friends at school. When other parents started messaging me with congratulations about our “family secret”, I knew we had to tell before our parents found out last.

Now that I’m in my second trimester I can finally give you a proper pregnancy update on how much I’m enjoying this growing belly and all the exciting things that go with it!

Pregnancy update: Hormones

The other reason why I’ve been quiet was because of my hormones. I’m pregnant, which means I’m super emotional all the time and sometimes I’d get a very well-meaning but completely insensitive remark and cry for days.

I’ve been told how at 36, I am no spring chicken to be having a baby. How three kids are just unmanageable and would probably lead me to depression. How a newborn baby will put strain on my marriage, etc. They seem to forget that this ain’t my first rodeo!

FYI The only thing you should ever say to a pregnant woman is “YOU look FAB!”.

Although I felt super down at times, whenever I had my quiet time, God reminded me that all three of my children are answered prayers. I’ve always dreamed of being a mother one day. And now I’m living out that dream and I feel blessed!

Throughout my clumsy attempts at loving and nurturing my growing family, I’m absolutely sure that this is exactly part of His plan for my life. I see everyday how a mother is uniquely positioned to sow seeds into a child’s life that makes a huge impact on how they grow up. My small sphere of influence is over my family and my husband and every one them are a blessing, undeserved gifts from the Lord.

Children are a gift from the Lord;
    they are a reward from him.

-Psalm 127:3

God’s consistent love and gentle reminders like this now supersedes any other anxiety that comes with pregnancy. In my heart, God always has the final say. 

Pregnancy Update: Second Trimester

Alexandra says this picture is “just lovely!” making me wish that every pregnant and bloated mom should have a daughter to keep her feeling beautiful!

Pregnancy side-effects

I’ve had such minor side-effects / symptoms that I didn’t even believe I was truly pregnant until about sixteen weeks. All the way to my first scan I feared the doctor would find no baby and tell me I was just fat! I was so relieved when I saw those tiny arms and legs flitting about on-screen!

I’m one of those lucky moms who never got morning sickness (touch wood). I haven’t had it with this baby either. Just a super-sensitive sense of smell and major fatigue.

Pregnancy fatigue 

All this talk about sleep being linked to weight loss? It’s a lie. I look the same.

How one teeny tiny little seed can drain all your energy bongles my mind! Ashley constantly reminds me that my body is hard at work. It’s working overtime even when I sleep to make this tiny human grow (or bake as my kids call it).

I’ve been suffering from fatigue since the beginning of my pregnancy. Although I wouldn’t really called being comatose and forced sleep a “suffering“. All things considered, I got off pretty easy.

For the first trimester I had the same eight o’ clock bedtime as the kids. Even so, Ashley felt like he was trying to wake a rock at seven am.

Being a WAHM helps a lot, it allows me to take it easy. Although I have fallen asleep a few times over my keyboard and then gone to school pickup with indentations on my forehead! I don’t care. I’m just basically trying to make it through life right now.

Yesterday morning when I got back from school, I sat down to remove my sneakers and woke up at eleven like magic!

I’ve always thought of alarm clocks as more of a suggestion than a directive. Now I have recurring alarms set on my phone for everything.

Anthea, it’s Tuesday today” – this one because I keep forgetting not to go to school at normal time because my kids go to after-school Drama classes and then I have a massive panic when I can’t find my kids – every Tuesday.

This is your 1 hr warning” – this one after I had a few nightmares about forgetting my kids were at school until 5 pm.

You’re sleeping but you have a deadline, get moving” – this is my mid-morning alarm just in case I fall asleep when I return from school drop-off.

Pregnancy cravings

I could honestly not tell you how many bags of green pitted olives I go through per week. Only one particular brand. I’ve always loved black olives and hated green ones. Now, my favorite snack (especially in the middle of the night) are crackers, cheese and green olives. Especially the olive part.

Ashley’s been a good man to stock up monthly on cashew nuts, almonds, dates, raisins and other dried fruit in the hopes that I won’t rage at him when I reach for a snack and get a handful of sultanas.

With Alexandra I went from hating chocolate to eating all the Cadbury’s Coconut and Cashew slabs. And she left me with that sweet tooth. This time, I prefer savory snacks like nuts and olives. Interpret that as you will, I have heard it all by now 😉

The children can’t wait for baby to arrive

I’d be remiss if I didn’t say how the kids were doing.

When they used to ask for another sibling I’d always say to ask their dad. They’d scrunch up their noses and ask what he had to do with anything because I’m the one who “grows the babies”? Needless to say they are very excited that they will soon outnumber us.

Joshua only had two conditions:

  1. that the baby be named with a letter J. He is the only “J” among us “A’s” and sees this as an opportunity to rectify that.
  2. to make sure I’m “baking” a boy because the last time he asked for a brother, he got “this” (he points at his sister who makes kitty paws , meows and licks him).

As for Alexandra, many people have told me that she might be sad to move from the position of baby to middle child but those people have not met MY daughter.

She is ecstatic at the idea of being a big sister! It’s a life-long dream come true for her. She has always wanted a little sister OR a pet so nothing could make her happier than a baby to fuss over.

That’s my pregnancy update and now my eyes are getting droopy…but first…olives!