Quick & Easy Kids' Dessert

Quick & Easy Kids' DessertThis is quick & really easy kids dessert that is made using only two ingredients! It’s not only easy to make but also a healthy snack for the whole family! 

Only 2 Ingredients

For this kids dessert we only need TWO ingredients and it happens to be the two essential items we almost always have in our kitchen:

  • A bunch of bananas
  • Any flavor yogurt


Mash a few bananas in a bowl. Leave one banana for decoration.

Stir in the yogurt. I’m sure even plain Bulgarian yogurt would be nice but all I had was a selection of fruity yogurt like mango, pineapple and banana so I used ALL of them and mixed it with the mashed banana!

After mashing and mixing everything together, lay a few cupcake liners on a flat tray. Spoon some of the mixture into each cupcake liner. Slice the last banana and use it to add some decoration as in the photo.

Quick & Easy Kids Dessert

Now pop it into the freezer to set for an hour or so. Once the desserts are completely frozen you can remove it from the cupcake liners and it is ready to eat!

Mix it up

You should also try this with fresh strawberries and strawberry or Bulgarian yogurt.

Yogurt freezes really well and this has become a favorite treat for my kids!