Rainbow Dash Toast

Rainbow Dash is a favorite of most little girls who love My Little Pony. She is a blue pony with wings, big lavender eyes and rainbow color hair.

Alexandra loves Rainbow Dash so after school I surprised her with this very special treat. It’s a very easy but squeal-worthy snack which you can easily make too!

Rainbow Dash Toast

How to make Rainbow Dash Toast


It costs basically nothing to make this because you might already  have all these ingredients:

  • Toasted bread
  • Cream cheese
  • Blue food coloring
  • Edible glitter
  • Confetti sprinkles


Toast two slices of bread and put that aside.

Mix the blue food coloring into a blob of cream cheese and stir until the color has spread throughout. I should probably mention that you only need a drop or two of coloring and not the whole bottle as per my first attempt!

Spread the cream cheese over both slices of toast. Lastly, decorate the toast with confetti sprinkles and glitter.

Now serve to a little girl who loves Rainbow Dash. Watch her eyes light up and be prepared to hear how you’re the coolest mom/aunt in the entire world!
Rainbow Dash Toast

I’d have loved to make more colors but sadly I only have blue icing in my kitchen. I’ve already gotten an order for Pinky Pie toast for tomorrow so I better get more food coloring!

*Disclaimer: No Rainbow Dash ponies were melted during the making of this blog post (it had to said after a cheeky comment from my husband).