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Anthea’s Project Life is really just a platform for me to share my thoughts and experiences as a mom but it’s become so much more than that. My blog has enabled me to connect with many wonderful people and here are some of the feedback I have received from my readers…

Keeping Score and the Secret to a Happy Marriage

O wow! Beautifully written about a beautiful relationship that has evolved with time. May God continue to bless you both xxxx
– Stephanie Fourie

I love this concept! It’s so true just to be open and honest in your relationship will make it so much better!
– Ciara of Nature of a Momma

How to Plan a Ladybug Party

SO cute!!! I am currently planning my daughter’s first birthday party, and I decided to go with polka dots. You’re right, it is so fun to plan parties and make sure you get everything with the theme.
– Jessica of Happy Mama Healthy Kids

Part 1: Case study – Positive reinforcement in children

It’s so true how a little word from parents can change a child’s attitude to things. I constantly have to bite my tongue after saying something negative, unintentionally of course. I’ve discovered that kids NEVER forget.
– Pamela Overmeyer

Thank you for sharing this.
It’s surprising how our “off the cuff” comments can embed themselves in young children.
You were wise to seek help from another therapist.
Love the way you and Mr A kept reinforcing that your little boy would be “a big boy” on that particular day, and that he took it on board and refused a nappy that day.
Great stuff! Looking forward to your next post
– Shan of Down to Earth Coaching

5 Effective ways to deal with Sibling Rivalry

This is a great blog. We did this with our sons who used to try to beat one another to death, We always treated them the same, loved them the same. After the teenage years, I got them to see that they were different people, like dad and I. Everything you’re saying works and I can now tell you that they’re best friends, totally trust one another; they worked together on a business and are really close.
– Glenis Bateson of

Our Post-Valentine’s Day Love Story

“Aaaah……. beautiful. Isn’t it just quirky thinking back how we met our ‘better halves’ (check me going all shy). Love the way you laid it out… eccentric! – Teresa Cupido

12 Back-to-school Tips for a Successful School Year

Really great tips. My son is 13 now and at secondary school. The same tips still apply even now.”
– Wendy Tomlinson of Wendy Tomlinson Coaching

“Anthea, this is such a useful and informative post. Lots of tips to take away and use… I’ve taken lots from this.”
– Samantha Pilling of BiteMeMarketing

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