The Book Lounge

The Book LoungeOn Saturday morning Alexandra and I joined my friend Nadine and her sweet niece, Kenzie, for a girls only date. We set off bright and early to attend story time at The Book Lounge in Roeland Street.

The Book Lounge is an independent book store situated in the Eastern Precinct of Cape Town City Center. On Saturday mornings they host story time book readings in their downstairs lounge area that all children are welcome to attend.

The Book Lounge has been hosting these events for a while now and I’ve always wanted to check it out so our girls date was the perfect opportunity to do so and we were all very excited, especially the little girls!

Kenzi and Alexandra

Kenzie and Alexandra were very excited for their girls-only date

Alexandra and Kenzi The Book Lounge Venue

Downstairs in The Book Lounge, the cozy lounge area looks and smells very inviting. The room is packed with books from all genres and has comfortable seating areas, reading nooks and an aroma of fresh coffee. For an avid reader like me it was the perfect place to wile away a Saturday morning. I could only imagine how cozy this venue would be during Winter.


At the coffee shop they serve delicious coffees, cappuccino, milkshakes, hot chocolate, herbal teas plus a small selection of tasty snacks. The staff has a house specialty known as “love coffee” which you will have to inquire about when you visit.



Story time

By 11am we were all settled down and listening attentively. The reading was very well attended with children of all ages, most of them under ten years old. The stories for the day featured Charlie and Lola of which Alexandra is a huge fan of the on screen version of the series. I think she identifies with Charlie and Lola because they are almost the same age as her and Joshua.


After story time all the kids were given a lovely Charlie and Lola wall hanger craft and jars of crayons for coloring them while the grown-ups enjoyed their coffee and browsed around the extensive range of books available for purchase.

Nancy Drew

Nancy Drew: My old childhood favorite.





The Book Lounge story time is a lovely way to spend a Saturday morning with your child. But then, I am an advocate for any place that encourages a love for books amongst children!


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