Sixties theme school day

Sixties themed parties are popular for one reason only, it was a fun era for fashion! Our school opened it’s doors fifty years ago in the late sixties and a sixties theme was the obvious choice for the first dress-up day!

When you’re a mom and you need to come up with two costumes at the eleventh hour, no wardrobe is safe! I raided everyone’s old clothes last night to see what I could reuse. Ashley’s T shirts (the one he was wearing last night), my dress and Alex’s top became casualties of my ruthless scissors.

Sixties costume

A quick google search showed me all the elements from sixties fashion that would be easy to replicate. Think flower power, fringes, hippie style, big hair, headbands, tie die, crazy prints and lots of colour!

Sixties theme school day

Don’t spend lost of money on a sixties theme, get creative

We obviously don’t budget for these dress-up days andin fact the school does not expect us to hire costumes or spend lots of money. It’s so much more fun when you have to think creatively and do it DIY. At least for me and some moms! It’s actually quite fun brainstorming cool ideas!

Sixties costume

I probably spent a few hours brainstorming and putting these costumes together last night. After all that effort and even though I had to close my Pinterest with all those perfectly sewn hippie costume ideas.

Although I really envied all the exceptionally cool DIY hippie costumes I found on Pinterest, I don’t have a sewing machine so had to hand-stitch which limited my options a bit.

Sixties theme school day I could only dream of whipping out a sewing machine to quickly put flowery patches on denim and making a proper fringed suede waistcoat. And I’m not even going to lie, sewing bell-bottoms on a pair of tights is not for the faint-hearted!

DIY Braided headband

The headbands were very easy to make. It was just strips of t shirt fabric and for Alex I braided three strips together.

Sixties braided headband

Sixties braided headband

The real validation came the next morning when the kids jumped out of bed to see what they would be wearing. I had laid everything neatly out on the table with accessories. When they saw it, they were quite awed! And then they came running and gave me some nice big squeezes!

They are worth every single stitch. I really enjoy having two school-aged kids. Although it’s a handful, it’s such fun!

What are your most note-worthy DIY costumes? Note-worthy because you created it with little or no budget and just your hands! Leave a comment and let us know!