School concert

Whether you’re a parent or just have little kids in your family, chances are you’ve attended your fair share of school concerts! For many parents, school concerts are highly anticipated but I always get a bit nostalgic around this time of year. 

My first school concert for my own kids was at play school when Alex was a  year old (on her birthday) and Josh was four years old. It was VERY cute seeing them on stage. At play school concerts, every single child participates even the littlest ones.

I remember going up on stage with the other baby class parents to parade our babies up and down the stage. Everyone wildly applauded and the littles were so thrilled and giggling and clapping as if they were born for the stage!

Josh was adorable with his chubby cheeks and in costume. He wasn’t too sure if he liked being in the spotlight but when he saw us he couldn’t stop smiling and waving while performing!

Play school concerts

Play school concerts are not so much a fundraiser but rather a special treat for us all. Instead of being a fundraiser, play school concerts aim to:

  • Celebrate the year the teachers have shared with the children
  • Help to build community around the school
  • Thank the parents for supporting the shool throughout the year

Play school concerts were all about the kids. Tickets were dirt cheap and you could bring the whole family.

Costumes and decor were done by teachers, parents and friends of the school. If you could wield a paint brush or a sewing needle you were roped in for concert preparations.

It was very exciting and something to really look forward to every year. I really enjoyed it but then I’m always saying how nice it was to be a parent at that level before things got bigger and more serious!

Primary school concerts

As the kids got older and started going to primary school, the school concerts have changed a lot. Being one of the main fundraisers of the year, tickets are very pricey so you actually need to start saving for it months before.

The concert runs over five days instead of one night only. Instead of a cute little play it’s a proper big production with professional costumes and decor.

Thankfully our school only hosts a concert every three years. With all the practices and preparations that need to be done, it’s simply too disruptive to the academic year to do it annually.

The roles are also much more competitive. When they were little, everybody participated and got equal time on stage. In a much bigger school like a primary school, most of the kids are on stage for only a minute.

Is it worth it?

Although it’s not the same as it used to be, I still think it’s important to go and support the school. My kids are encouraged to participate. They do enjoy the disruption of the daily practices and are excited to be a part of the hype.

It would be great if they could feature more kids in the concert but my kids seem to be OK just to be included.

Getting a crappy part in a school concert is a rite of passage really! I remember that I was a frog one year. Not much fun being completely covered in green slime and waving my arms while sitting on a rock. You couldn’t even see my face! My brother takes the cake because he was an actual plate on year! He wore a massive cardboard circle with a cut-out for his face and arms!

In this year’s concert, I believe Alex will be a silent shopper and a panda bear. Josh will be holding a poster right in-front of his face so we will have to identify him by his wrangly legs!

His other part is that of a guy who get karate chopped and falls down unconscious, lying prone on the floor for the rest of the concert! He plans to have a good snooze!

I miss the old days

Parents of little kids don’t know how good they’ve got it with all those sweet little play school concerts!

I remember how at play school concert no seats were pre-booked. We would queue a good hour or two before with our camping chairs to get a good seat.

Seeing all those big toothless smiles as they proudly sang and danced across the stage one class at a time. All the little plates, frogs and bears with some coming back to wave at you from between the stage curtains!

There was always one rogue kid who wouldn’t leave the stage or would run back to stick tongue out at the audience (Alex!) before being dragged away!

One kid in every concert had a meltdown. You’d quickly see a parent rushing up with open arms fetch them off the stage. And now and then a child in the group would steal the limelight by outperforming the rest, albeit with the WRONG moves!

On so many occasions those little faces while performing, would earnestly scan the audience. And then when they see you they just BURST into smiles and waves and perform with even more gusto!

I’m so excited about all those cute play school concerts to watch with our new baby! If your kids are still little you should really just enjoy it because everything changes when they’re bigger!

Do you have any special memories of a school concert? Please share it in the comments below.