School Year Recap 2018

A big sigh of relief this week! Alex and Josh totally aced all their subjects and passed to the next grade! So now our kids are heading to Grade 3 and Grade 6 and I cannot deal with all this growing up! The school year was kind of a blur with my pregnancy and the arrival of baby Cassandra but there are some highs and lows that made it a memorable year for us. 

Highs and Lows from the 2018 school year

Dealing with sass and girl drama

I should have seen this coming on the first day of school already. My kids know that the first day of a new school year is a pretty big deal for me. Even so, Alex was a complete angel right up to the point where she was reunited with her girlfriends in the class line.

She had a complete personality change right infront of my eyes and shunned all photo ops, cuddles. etc. Together with her little trio of girlfriends I got eye-rolls and complete bratty behavior. It should have been a good indication of how the rest of the year would go.

To round it off she was also bullied all year by her on again/off again frenemy. We are both relieved that the year with this group of girls is over. A new school year means new classmates and potential friends!

First camping trip

Joshua had his first trip away from home this year at the S.O.S. Camp! I was a basket case right up until he left on the bus. After that, with a newborn to distract me I relaxed a bit. It helped a lot that his teacher sneakily blasted out an email every other day letting us know all was well.

SOS camp Josh had an incredible time away at camp. It was life-changing as it was his first real taste of independence.

He washed his own clothes, did survival training, tended wild animals and cooked for himself. No bedtime or curfew just freedom under the supervision of the teachers. In his own words, he went there as a boy and came back as a man!

First award in the family

When Ashley and I received an invitation for the awards ceremony we were stoked because it was our first time!

Alex was awarded a diploma for “Best in Creativity and Art“. She has a natural talent for drawing so it was very well-deserved! We loved seeing her creativity acknowledged on stage and we were very proud of her. Some of her art was displayed at the art exhibition too!

We had such a laugh the day we discovered her little side hustle at school! I randomly found a pencil box filled with silver coins in her bag. When I asked why she was so flushed with cash she confessed to charging other kids for her drawings.

She’d been receiving so many commissions from her classmates which was taking up all of her playtime so she started charging R2 per drawing to deter them. Not only did her classmates pay up but they even paid extra to jump up on the order list!

The entrepreneur in me can’t help but feel smug at how she capitalized on her skill. And now she is a woman of means!

First school dance

During Winter the seniors held a school dance (a “Sokkie”) for all the grade 5-7’s. This was the first time Joshua went out on his own at night.

I took him shopping for a new pair of jeans and that night his dad walked him to the school dance. We were to drop him off at the door and collect our kids at 10pm when they unlocked the doors. No parents allowed!

School year 2018 - Sports Day

Sports Day 2018

Joshua was so excited that within minutes of them leaving, they returned for his asthma inhaler because he was literally hyperventilating!

He enjoyed his first school dance immensely! He got to dance with his friends while the principal wrecked the decks as DJ!

Personal growth

The child who matured the most this year was Josh. At eleven years old he is so sensitive and self-aware. We’ve had the best conversations this year just sitting on his bed after school and chatting.

A lot of this maturity can be attributed to his social science studies as well as his class teacher.

At some point he also started getting up with a six o’ clock alarm to give himself more time for his morning routine.

He is a very helpful son especially since his baby sister arrived. It’s such a blessing to me when I’ve been up all night and his alarm goes off at six. He gets ready for school then comes straight to my room asking “anything I can help with?”.

End of school year 2018

Of course adding a baby sister into the mix this last term caused a bit of chaos. The kids fell asleep a few times in class due to some late night crying of the baby. Yet they coped and passed the year with excellent results.

Looking forward seeing what the 2019 school year has in store for us!

What were some highlights for you this school year? Drop it in the comment area below.