SIlent Sunday: The Beach

Silent Sunday

SIlent Sunday: The BeachWhy “Silent Sunday”? Well, because having had a jam-packed week and Saturday, I am uncharacteristically silent having lost my voice to the flu virus I am currently trying to fend off.

We stopped off at the beach on Sunday morning for a very brief walk on the beach and our kids enjoyed themselves frolicking in the waves and screaming their little lungs out.

It really warmed my heart and made me smile to watch them having so much fun! Instead of admiring the pretty seaside view, I sat in the sand merrily clicking away on my camera and enjoying watching the kids play. Bliss…

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  1. pamela says:

    Silent Sunday? I DON’T THINK SO! These pictures scream of excitement, enjoyment, fun, contentment, love, family, beauty and absolute peace…………………… you are truly blessed.

    1. Anthea says:

      Yes I am very blessed, extremely, utterly and awesomely!

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