Creating one-on-one time with your kids

Anthea's Project Life: Taking a great selfieAs moms we don’t expect a round of applause for parenting well. It’s a joy to raise our children. But it’s also a super tough job to be a mom and on your worst days, one kind word can make a world of difference!

My favorite kind of compliments as a mom is when someone compliments me on my children’s manners. Every time I get this kind of encouragement it turns my whole day around!

The mom and daughter on the bus

I’ve been noticing a young mom and her daughter who is around the same age as mine on my us route. The little girl is always dressed warmly and cute and reminds me a lot of my daughter.

Everyday while waiting for our bus at the bus stop I’d smile at them but the mom seemed very unfriendly.

I finally managed to draw her into conversation one evening. I asked her if her daughter attended a preschool in the city center and she became defensive.

I told her that watching them everyday at the bus stop reminded me of my own childhood. I said my mom was a single mom when I was her daughter’s age and had enrolled me at a preschool in the city center near her work. After I’d explained my interest, her whole demeanor changed and she became much friendlier.

I said how nice it must be not having to rush home and have her child be the last one at the school waiting for pick up. I know full well what that feels like I said!

I commented on how awesome it must be to have that extra time together to debrief the day on the bus ride home. Other working moms only getting home in time to kiss their children goodnight.

She told me that her husband and her work on opposite sides of the city and finding a preschool near her workplace has taken a lot of pressure off them.

Other passengers and their family have made lots of negative comments about their arrangement as children usually attend school in the suburbs. She said people judge without understanding how much thought they put into it. She thanked me profusely for saying something positive and kind.

Tell other parents you think they’re awesome

Creating one-on-one time with your kidsParenting is a thankless job. It is a huge blessing to be a parent but it’s full of challenges.

Your whole world changes when you become a parent and unfortunately there is no rule book with guidelines telling you exactly how to do it right.

It makes a world of difference when a stranger stops to tell you that they think you’re awesome and doing a great job! You never know when a parent is battling with facing criticism or feeling run down. A positive and encouraging word from a stranger can mean so much! Be kind.

Do you know any parents who are doing a good job? Tell them so!