The Book Box - Review + Giveaway

The Book Box logoThe Book Box are book vendors who exhibit a huge selection of children and adult books which they sell online via their website ( They cater mainly for children but have an ever growing variety of recipe, special interest and other books for moms and dads too.

As an avid reader it is impossible for me to walk past any book exhibit and this is how I first came to purchase book from The Book Box. Their prices are very reasonable (especially their book sets) and they have a huge selection on offer at their exhibits and online.

During the long mid-year school holidays it’s always stressful plan stimulating activities to keep the kids occupied. As a parent I know how important it is to encourage children to use their imaginations instead of just setting them in-front of the TV so as part of our holiday plan is that they have a scheduled reading time for each day.

Before the schools closed, The Book Box gave us a book set which contained six different books to review and it couldn’t have come at a better time! Both the kids are being kept thoroughly entertained with these new additions to their little book collection.

The Review

What you get

The set of six books were neatly packaged in a waterproof zippered book bag. Each of the books had colorful glossy covers and brightly illustrated pages. The stories were very entertaining and the bold text and easy reading made the stories simple enough for our level 2 reader to read independently. The stories cater for different tastes, some stories are humorous, some are lyrical, and some have good lessons for the kids to take from it.

Here is a taste of what the books are like:

Milly the MeerkatMilly the Meerkat is about a naughty little meerkat who cried “Wolf!” She learned her lesson when she really needed help and everyone thought she was still playing the fool with them.

The Velveteen RabbitMy kids are very attached to their favorite stuffed toys so The Velveteen Rabbit appealed to both of them. The sweet story taught them the lesson that loving their beloved stuffed toys enough made them real. Isn’t that so sweet!?

Nobody noticed the MouseNobody Noticed the Mouse was such a fun read! While I read about the escapades of the mouse the children couldn’t wait to turn the page because on every page a different scene was depicted and they had to try to spot the mouse!

The Return of the JabberwokMy little daughter likes scary stories, her favorite book is The Return of the Jabberwok. The story is written in a very lyrical fashion similar to the Dr. Seuss books so it had to be read very carefully but the children had a good laugh at the twist at the end of the story!

My ShadowMy personal favorite is My Shadow. Both my four and eight year old children enjoyed this story, it was simple and sweet. This little boy talks about his shadow as if it has it’s own persona and puzzles over it’s ability to grow/morph around him. Everything he says is actually quite true and since we first read this story they have been intently studying their own shadows when they think I am not watching!

The Noisy FoxesThe Noisy Foxes takes you on an adventure to find a new quieter home for the foxes. This book introduces the children to many different types of animal homes before the foxes finally find a more suitable home.

The Cost

This whole collection is currently in the Bargain Box so you can buy them from The Book Box website for only R120.00 per set!

As a thrifty smart mom I would buy the set of books and get at least two birthday gifts out of it! 😉

About The Book Box

The Book Box is a team of three people, Martin, Nicole and Tania.

Martin followed his long lost school sweetheart to Cape Town in 2004 to live happily ever after. He became a book agent in 2005 and built up a network through which 200 outlets are serviced on a monthly basis.

Nicole is an entrepreneur at heart. She is our driver and keeps the team in the 21st century.

Tania often gets caught in the office, not working but reading the books! She heads the Afrikaans books department.

Together they do markets, service many outlets with monthly specials, run a newsletter and do book exhibits at schools and businesses.

I asked The Book Box why they choose to specialize in kids books and they replied:

We truly believe our slogan says it all, “Literacy Unlocks Doors”!

How it works:

The Book Box

Ordering books from the website is very easy, all you have to do is:

  1. Register yourself
  2. Add items to your basket
  3. Checkout and pay via EFT, it’s so easy!

The Book Box says: “We are only a call away if you need help Nicole 084 330 1933 regarding English books or Tania 083 229 6919 for Afrikaans books. We offer FREE delivery within Cape Town area (15km’s radius), if you qualify for the free delivery just tick the collection box on the website. Join our monthly newsletter email  and request that we add you.”