Part of the reason why I really enjoy being a mom are reliving childhood traditions. We do it all – Santa Claus, The Tooth Fairy, birthday traditions, etc. So when the kids lose their teeth they really look forward to a visit from The Tooth Fairy.

The only problem was, he lost it before he could bank his teeth! The lost teeth were molars and our Tooth Fairy pays big bugs for those massive teeth!

How Joshua lost his teeth

The first tooth fell out of his mouth at school. He was eating his lunch and it just came loose when he bit into his PB&J sandwich! Joshua has this fear of accidentally swallowing a lose tooth so he eats only soft food when he has a loose tooth!

The second tooth only fell out the very next day while he was busy writing his exams. It just popped right out while he was wiggling it with his tongue! He wrapped it in a tissue and when I fetched him at the school gate he gave me a big toothless grin with: “see anything different about me?”.

By the end of the day he’d completely forgotten about the tooth. When he realized his mistake the next day he was so sad so I told him he could do it that evening. Much to our dismay, our cleaner came while he was at school! Seeing a tissue on his nightstand it got removed and tossed into the big never to be seen again!

Appealing to the Tooth Fairy’s emotions

So what is a ten year old boy to do? He had two amazing molars to bank for pocket money and then lost it. Knowing how it would have brought in quite a bit of cash (for a ten year old), he simply wrote a note to explain the situation. He made sure to write it in his own handwriting so the Tooth Fairy knows its sincere and then he put the note in his shoe next to the bed.

Tooth Fairy note

The next morning when he woke up he was ecstatic to find that not only was the note missing but there were two neatly fold notes in it’s place!

Our Tooth Fairy pays out R20 notes for molars and R10 or R5 for little teeth. When I was little it was R2 or R5 but inflation obviously affects everyone!

When we were out shopping yesterday Josh used his entire R40 to buy a pink and green soft bouncy ball at Mr. Price Sport. I’m very surprised because he is very anti-pink and they had it in blue and red too. He said he wants to practice catching and bouncing a ball because those are the things he sucks at the most at school!

Tooth fairy rules

What are the rules for lost teeth in your home? Does the tooth fairy just not come or do you also make an alternative plan? And while we are on the subject….what is the going rate for teeth in your home or when you were a little? Comment with your answer below.