School athletics

Every year during the first term it’s school athletics season. I really hated the school athletics as a child because participation was compulsory. As a school mom though, I love it! The school kids are split into colour groups. Some participate in the field events and running while the rest of the school cheers. It’s loud and fun!

Getting picked to participate in the school athletics was my biggest fear as a child. I really am not a sporty person and I was very shy at school. Always coming last in a race was literally my worst nightmare come true!

Every morning we’d have to report to the field to practice athletics. Not me though! You would have found me hiding in the music room, behind the staircases or around corners.

In high school I was clever enough to fetch a doctors note at the start of the first term which excused me from all physical activity!

School year 2018 - Sports Day

Sports Day 2018

Fortunately, it’s a very different experience for my kids. I encourage them to have fun with it. Neither of them are shy like I was, they actually have real life school friends and they know that we are in the bleachers cheering them on! That just changes the narrative and it’s a much better experience for them than it was for me.

They never win though. I guess this is partly my fault because I sometimes lose my mind on the side-lines cheering them on so they stop mid-race to wave back at me! This is mainly the reason why Ashley comes too. Someone needs to keep my crazy at bay when we’re on the field! I’m just so darn proud of them! Even if they are last in the race!

I missed Josh’s big moment at the school athletics

At last year’s school athletics I missed Joshua’s big moment on the field and felt crap about it for an entire year.

The reason why I missed it is basically because I dropped the ball! When he told me he was chosen for the long-distance race, I’m ashamed to say I thought he was joking. I took my time on the day and arrived after his moment on the field was done!

While this awesome thing was happening, I was at home with Alex slowly getting ready to go to the school athletics. Thinking we would just be watching the races, I fried up a nice big breakfast and packed a cooler box full of cold drinks. It is always blistering hot in January so I knew by the time we arrived that Josh would be so glad for the cool drinks and food.

By the time we eventually arrived his big race was all over! Another school mom was kind enough to snap some pics and cheer for him. And I missed that! I heard that he had run the entire race without quitting even though lots of other kids fell by the wayside because of the long distance and the heat.

Why his race was such a big deal for me

The reason why it was a big moment for us is because it came on the heels of a very big health scare. For months prior Josh had been suffering with a respiratory condition. We tried various treatments which didn’t work until he only had 20% use of one side of his nose for breathing. The other was completely blocked. This caused other issues like apnea where he would just stop breathing while sleeping. That was so scary we eventually took him to a specialist. His muscle tone was also very low because he wasn’t able to do any form of exercise or play for too long.

School athletics

The specialist told us that Joshua’s condition was indeed very serious. He had developed allergies and he was also diagnosed with asthma. He was not born with any of these conditions so I was quite devastated. We suspect the mold above his bed in the last place we stayed may have gotten into his lungs.

With the specialist he was finally getting real help. He developed a treatment plan for Joshua that was very effective. Joshua now takes chronic medication (daily). Just a few weeks into his new aggressive treatment plan and he was already started to move around a bit more. The he started riding his bike again and even starting to swim!

The school athletics came next and this is why I didn’t believe him when he said he was running the long distance marathon for his team! I thought it was impossible and I definitely would have stopped him if I’d known! When I heard how well he ran I was so proud of him and then all the regrets for having missed it!

I’ll never miss another school athletics, like ever

I’ve now been given strict instructions to be at the school athletics an hour earlier. Joshua is says this is a non-negotiable! He wants to see me sitting right at the top of the bleachers next to the track “when the sun comes up”.

All part of my motherhood journey

Mothers are the managers in the home. There’s so much we have to remember and facilitate! It’s no wonder we sometimes forget little things. In my experience motherhood is also about do-overs, forgiving ourselves and giving ourselves endless amounts of grace. Children forget and they really do live in the moment.

Misery loves company! What was the worst thing you forgot as a school mom?