XPRESSO Café: Where everything costs R10 (no kidding)

XPRESSO CaféHave you heard about South Africa’s first ever R10 coffee shop?

XPRESSO Café has been blowing up my social media feeds these last few days. Given the high cost of living in Cape Town, it’s unfathomable to charge R10 per menu item! In fact, it makes no business sense at all and we were determined to check it out for ourselves!

Wanting to treat my mom on her birthday, we drove into Durbanville to find XPRESSO Café. She has been so excited to find out if the coffee and the price is as good as they say! I was like, “Sure Mom, it will be my treat and why don’t you bring you bestie too?

Where to find XPRESSO Café

XPRESSO Café is situated on Wellington Street in Durbanville which is in the northern suburbs of Cape Town. We had no trouble finding it because we are also from the northern suburbs and Durbanville is literally a hop scotch away from our neighboring suburb.  There was plenty of street parking available on the busy street right in-front of the café and across the road.

Xpresso Cafe

The interior

The interior of the cafe was warm tones of brown wood with lots of open space and low lighting on the walls. They have these amazing art decals and black chalkboard painted walls all around.


The shop was quite busy for an early morning. We only waited in the queue for less than five minutes before we were served.  There are no sit-down tables at XPRESSO (it’s a grab and go kind of place). There are however, stools and small tables along the walls where you can drink your coffee and have a chat or wait for your order.

Founder Nicolene Elhadad was manning the register and she was very welcoming to everyone who entered the store!


She told us all about a “Pay it Forward” idea they will be implementing soon. Basically, you buy your coffee and you’ll able to buy a second cup of coffee for someone else. They’ll put the receipt of the additional coffee on the wall. The next time a person comes in asking for a coffee that they cannot afford to pay for they will get a prepaid coffee!

I’m so thrilled about this unique concept! I love the idea of paying it forward even if it’s just buying a coffee for someone needy!

Uncompromised quality for only R10

I spent just under R100 and got an arm-full of pastries and coffees! We tried their coffee, hot chocolate and white hot chocolate beverages. My brother also ordered an iced coffee. The drinks selection also includes teas as well as freshly squeezed fruit juices and iced coffees.



To eat we ordered an apple Danish, a pretzel and a muffin. Their menu also included cinnamon chocolate twists, croissants, brownies, as well as a selection freshly made egg, chicken, tuna and cheese salad sandwiches. Surprisingly even at R10 everything fresh and absolutely divine.


Admittedly, I am a bit of a coffee snob. My office is based in the Cape Town CBD where we have access to a variety of great coffee houses. With so many available, I enjoy a decent cup of coffee. On that Xpresso cannot be faulted. Their coffee is of superior quality as they use Tribe coffee beans.



My mom enjoyed her birthday morning because we had so much fun trying a new coffee place! I would highly recommend XPRESSO and I’m so excited they are expanding!

Good news

Founders Nicolene and Tomer Elhadad have plans to open two more stores come November 2016: One on Adderley Street in Cape Town (yay!) and the other at the Cape Gate Mall in Brakenfell. 

Have you tried Xpresso Cafe? What was your impression? I’d love to hear in the comments below!



Anthea O'Neill is a wife and proud mom of three. She is front-end web developer, blogger and a self-proclaimed glitter & yarn addict. Anthea's Project Life is a blog for the modern mom.

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  1. Cant believe its only 10 bucks! Will have to wait till Adderley street opens.

  2. Good review. I am going to be in the Northern Suburbs quite close to Durbanville on Saturday (Brackenfell) so definitely going to check them out. You know me, I love a good bargain, can’t wait!

    1. I know you will enjoy it!

  3. Kirsten says:

    This is great. Thank you for sharing your discoveries with us Anthea ❤

    1. You are absolutely most welcome!Thanks for taking the time to give feedback!

  4. Thank you for this great review, I have been wondering for a while what it is like and love the entire concept. can’t wait to give it a try. It’s sadly quite a drive for me to get there. Would be absolutely amazing if they opened one in Stellenbosch.

    1. With two more stores opening soon we can only hold thumbs for a Stellenbosch store! I am absolutely thrilled they are opening one in Adderley street right around the corner from my office!

  5. Pamela says:

    Xpresso was an amazing treat and situated so perfectly. The fact that I had some of my favourite people along made it a great start to my birthday. Everyone needs an Xpresso in a town near them.

    1. It WAS a fun morning!

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